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Mozilla has Unreal Engine 3.0 working in browser

Mozilla has Unreal Engine 3.0 working in browser

Unreal Engine 3.0 has been a seminal development as far as gaming is concerned. Not only did it spawn a whole generation of titles with that grey/brown Gears of War look but it helped create a host of new franchises and has become the poster for low powered, high fidelity gaming. First we saw the engine running in Flash and now, Mozilla has managed to incorporate it into its browser.

According to a new video posted by the foundation, UE3 runs perfectly smoothly within Firefox itself, suggesting that in the future, all your hardware will need to be able to do is run Firefox and you could potentially have a high speed gaming setup at your fingertips.

This will mean impressive looking games can be played online, without the need for any plugins for java, flash, any of it.

Impressively the whole thing took only four days too.

To hear more about this new development, check out the Mozilla dev. blog


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