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Molyneux wants you to Beta test Curiosity

Molyneux wants you to Beta test Curiosity

Peter Molyneux, the mind behind games such as Black and White and Fable, is asking “curious” gamers to take part in a trial of his upcoming mobile experiment “Curiosity.”

To join the beta though, you won’t be just sending over your email address and if you’re lucky, you’ll be drawn out of a hat. In fact, you’ll need to complete a questionaire to even be considered. “We are now looking for a few kind and curious people to play “Curiosity – What’s inside the Cube” with us. Please go to the following page to find out more and fill in a short questionnaire:,” reads the official 22 Cans facebook page.


Android smartphone? Tough luck.

You’ll need an iPhone to take part – no mention on an Android beta – and 22 Cans wants you to tell it why exactly you’re curious.

Is it really that curious as to what will be at the centre of the cube? I’d be surprised if it’s anything that mind blowing. It’s not like Cthulhu is going to pop out.

“As we get nearer to releasing our first App “Curiosity – What’s inside the Cube”, we are looking for some feedback,” reads the questionnaire page. “So we are asking for a few kind people to participate in trying out our first experiment. Hopefully these people will give honest feedback on what Curiosity is like, and spot some of the flaws in this totally unique experience. If you are interested, and you have a spare hour at about 16:00 GMT Tuesday-Friday then please apply below.”

If you want to take part, pop your information into this page.

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