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Microsoft tweaks Xbox Live Arcade Indi games guidelines

Microsoft tweaks Xbox Live Arcade Indi games guidelines

Microsoft has changed the guidelines for its Xbox Live Arcade Indi games, giving developers a lot more breathing room for trying something more expansive or using a pricing model that’s a bit different.

The most obvious change is that the maximum file size for game downloads has now been raised from 150MB to 500MB, meaning developers can really push the boundaries of what they could do before. This will allow for improved visuals, bigger games, more music, cut scenes and more.

To help keep everything competitive, Microsoft has now lowered the minimum price for all titles (previously anything over 50MB had to be priced between $3 and $5) to just $1 (which equals out to around 80 Microsoft points), meaning even those developing larger games can keep costs down for the consumer to help sell more copies.

The capacity of titles that a single developer can have hosted on the marketplace has also been raised. The previous cap. was 10, though now it’s been doubled, which should allow developers that were closing in on the maximum to get back to releasing new games.

These aren’t the only changes being requested though, with the comment section of Microsoft’s blog showing that people want to be able to submit games from different countries, the reduction of a 7 day waiting period between uploading a game and having it approved and the introduction of leaderboards and achievements.

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