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Microsoft and gamers will beat hackers

Microsoft and gamers will beat hackers

This is XBOX!

Microsoft wants everyone to know that “together, we can prevail over criminals” with gamers and companies united against the current trend of hackers invading gaming systems and networks.

This announcement was made as part of an open letter from General Manager of Xbox LIVE, Alex Garden, on Major Nelson’s blog, where he did two things: made it clear Microsoft would tackle hackers, but also reiterated that the Xbox 360 had currently suffered no major security breaches. While he didn’t mention the problems Sony had in 2011, it’s not hard to conclude that a bit of finger pointing was being comitted.

Mr Garden did warn though that hacking and the stealing of personal information was a growing trend and that despite the Xbox being a protected platform, users should still be wary. He also extended an olive branch to those that might have been hit by phishing attemps, stating that whatever he put wouldn’t be a comfort to those people.

Instead of simply spouting more rhetoric about the state of the world, Mr Garden then goes on to warn readers about the most common dangers facing them in regards to potential attacks.

  • social engineering to gather information about the user to guess the password;
  • · phishing, whereby the user types the account password into an illegitimate website that is pretending to be something else;
  • · malicious software on the computer that has captured the password; or
  • · using the same password from another online service that has been breached.

He continues that in detailing these methods, he hopes that “members will work with us to reduce the ease of access for hackers. Personal account security starts with setting strong passwords and routinely changing them, using a valid email and a unique password for each online service, adding a phone number, alternate email address, and a unique and private security question via the Windows LIVE ID Account Management site, and reducing the amount of personal information shared online or through social networks.”

He also said that it was important to note where you logged in from and take appropriate measures to protect your information in public spaces; though this is less to do with Xbox 360 security and more with websites and social networks.

This post comes as part of Safer Internet day, something that happened yesterday. Useful me reporting that now right?

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