League of Legends hits 5 million simultaneous players

MOBA arena title League of Legends, is continuing to grow exponentially. We last heard that it was generating over a billion game hours per month, but now it’s hit a new all time high of five million players, all battling away against each other at the same time.

This isn’t a one off deal either, but a regular occurrence. As PCGamesN points out, this is way, way more than Dota 2 which has turned out to be the most played Steam game since the service was launched. In comparison, it only has 300,000 concurrent players.

I remember playing this back in Season one... and I still suck now.
I remember playing this back in Season one… and I still suck now.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this whole announcement however, is that back in October, Riot Games announced player stats for League of Legends then. Back then, there were around three million people playing online at the same time – which means in the last six months alone there’s been a two million regular players boost.

Some of this is likely to come from the start of Season 3 of the competitive circuit but streaming has probably helped too, with Twitch TV becoming insanely popular over the past few months. In February alone it had nearly 30 million viewers.


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