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Kotaku annoyed at IGN exclusive

Kotaku annoyed at IGN exclusive

Kotaku has posted a review of IGN’s review, of Bioshock Infinite. This might seem odd, but the former of the two sites is understandably annoyed, as IGN has been given the go ahead by publisher 2K Games to post its review, despite every other site being limited by an NDA to a Monday release.

Linking through to IGN’s review of the game – which unsurprisingly is a very high score, of 9.4/10 – Kotaku has a review of the review, describing it as a text adventure. It also pointed out that the review was shorter than previous reviews of Bioshock games by the site and provided some choice quotes for any company that wants to use them. These include: “Fans of the review genre will find something to like,” and “The mobile version is faithful to the original.”

The verdict? Yes you should read this review.

Bioshock Review

Yes, you should read this review. 

While this is all very tongue in cheek, you can understand why Kotaku would be annoyed at this. Why was IGN given the go ahead to post the review early? By showing favouritism like that, it makes you wonder if 2K games knew what the game’s score was before approving it. It seems likely. In that case, did IGN know it would be given that privilege if it posted a good review?

This all smacks of shady dealings.

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