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I’m not one for early acess, but this looks cool

I’m not one for early acess, but this looks cool

Coming from ARMA developers Bohemia, this game set for Steam early access release on 1st August, looks very intriguing. It’s all about designing a Mars rover and then sending it to the red planet to explore its surface; you’ll need to be careful though, your multi-billion pound project is fragile.

In the new trailer for the game released today, Bohemia showcased how you can build and upgrade your rovers before sending them off to another world. While they’re there though, care must be taken with direction and thrust, as a slip of the hand and that solar panel could easily be ripped off, leaving the little rover with no power.

Titled for now as, Take on Mars, the game looks like a mix between the Kepler Space Program and Lacuna Passage, two indi titles that have garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks.

Here’s hoping it’s a coincidence that the development for all these games is parallel.

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