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Hundreds Mass Murdered in WoW Hack

Hundreds Mass Murdered in WoW Hack

A new hack has shown up in World of Warcraft, that over the weekend saw level 1 accounts mass killing innocents of any level within Azeroth’s major cities  While it has already been fixed by Blizzard and no permanent damage was done, the images and video left behind are quite creepy.

Apparently Eurogamer was able to track down one of the people behind the hack, who explained that it was a “kill hack.”

“We didn’t do any permanent damage,” he said. “Some people liked it for a new topic of conversation and a funny stream to watch, and some people didn’t. The people who didn’t should be blaming Blizzard for not fixing it faster.”

“It’s not like I added 20,000,000 gold to everyone’s inventory and broke the economy, but look at the big Chinese gold seller companies who are doing this every day. Now ask yourself who is really ruining the game. It’s not us.”

Due to the prolific nature of the deaths within the game, Blizzard jumped on it relatively quickly, though there were a few hours between the first death and the publisher’s crackdown. Accounts found involved in the hack were banned and the exploit fixed.

“Earlier today, certain realms were affected by an in-game exploit, resulting in the deaths of player characters and non-player characters in some of the major cities. This exploit has already been hotfixed, so it should not be repeatable. It’s safe to continue playing and adventuring in major cities and elsewhere in Azeroth,” Blizzard community manager Nethaera posted on the forum.

“As with any exploit, we are taking this disruptive action very seriously and conducting a thorough investigation.”

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