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Half Life 3 Won’t be at GamesCom 2012

Half Life 3 Won’t be at GamesCom 2012

Despite many rumours appearing this morning on a variety of sites that Half Life 3 might make its appearance at GamesCom 2012, it now looks like that won’t be the case – despite the excitement of fans the world over.

Eurogamer spoke with the organisers of the event, asking them multiple times how it was that the game was listed as being set to debut at the event. Keen not to answer that question, the organisers instead reiterated that it’s appearance, alongside that of Dragon Age 3, was merely a mistake. Ultimately the fact that the document in question was said to use online blogs and news sites as sources for the document’s creation, suggests that much of its content is hearsay and wishful thinking anyhow.

Still, Valve had previously said it didn’t plan to exhibit anything at the show. While the company does have a history of being tight lipped about its releases, it doesn’t tend to outright lie to fans and reporters, so it seems pretty likely at this point that we won’t be seeing a Half Life related, or any other type of game from Valve at this year’s show.

However, just because the company said it wouldn’t be showing off a game, doesn’t mean that it won’t show off something else  – for example, the Source 2 Engine. Now that would be something.

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