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Gamestation to be Rebranded as Game

Gamestation to be Rebranded as Game

The Gamestation brand, bought up by Game in 2007, is set to disappear in the next few months when each store is rebranded to Game – despite the fact that Game almost went under last year. It’s not known whether the Gamestation website will continue, or if it too will simply be combined with

After a closure of a large number of the video game stores in 2011, Game was left with just over 340 outlets, with Gamestation making up 122 of them.

Beginning operation in 1993, Gamestation grew swiftly, maintaining 63 stores by 2002. At that point it was sold to Blockbuster, which pushed the expansion of the chain, ultimately ending up 240 outlets by 2007 when the chain changed hands again, becoming part of Game.

MCVUK have confirmed that anyone with Gamestation reward cards and points will be able to transfer them over to Game’s reward scheme, so nothing will be lost in the move.

While it’ll be sad to see the long running chain disappear for good, at least none of the outlets will be closing, so the usually quite friendly staff will remain.

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