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GAME to have Square Enix Exclusive

GAME to have Square Enix Exclusive

Headline grabbing retail chain GAME has begun to claw itself back from the brink, announcing that it has the UK launch exclusive for Square Enix’s next DS title: Heroes of Ruin.

Set to be released on 15th June the advenutre game will cost £34.99. This is actually 11 days before the US release in a shock turn of events. Charged with discovering a cure for the dying leader of Nexus, four heroes must travel and fight together or apart to confront a growing evil.

Reviews so far have the game as a game changer for the DS, opening it up for new types of gameplay thanks to it taking advantage of the handheld console’s social features.

Currently there are other companies that have pre-order options for the title, so it’ll be interesting if those disapear after this announcement from GAME. While there is no release date, Play has it £10 cheaper at £24.99.

GAME also has an upcoming special edition release of Assassin’s Creed III, with a bonus mission and weapons, showing developers and publishers do want to continue working with GAME. Hopefully it lasts this time.

Source: Games Industry

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