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Gaikai bringing streaming demos to the mainstream

Gaikai bringing streaming demos to the mainstream

Onlive might have been the first taste of streaming gaming that people had, but Gaikai is taking it to a whole different level by making contemporary titles available from within a browser.

CEO of Gaikai, Dave Perry, has said in the past his company’s goal was to make every modern game available to try for free online in a simple streaming manner. No downloads, no messing around, instant try before you buy. Until now only games that had been released for some time were found on the service, but with the Darkness 2, a demo has been launched on Gaikai several days before the official release date.

However what seperates this type of streaming and cloud gaming from others, is that it isn’t just available through Gaikai, but on several different websites, including Eurogamer and

“Streaming The Darkness II demo through Gaikai gives 2K Games the unique opportunity to engage with their fans and potential customers with amazing content in a way that was impossible until recently,” said Robert Stevenson of SVP interactive entertainment.

“An instant, hands-on experience is by far the most powerful weapon in a publisher’s marketing arsenal.  At Gaikai, that’s what we deliver.”

With gamers and some developers crying out for different ways to increase sales without resorting to digital rights management (DRM), something like this could offer a great incentive to impulse buyers. If you’re on the fence about a game, having a quick play of the demo, instantly, without download could certainly make that bit of difference – enough to get them to hit that purchase button.

Gaikai says it will continue to expand its catalogue with new releases over the coming months.

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