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Future of Warhammer 40k MMO is up in the air

Future of Warhammer 40k MMO is up in the air

THQ has announced admist all its firings and restructuring, that it can no longer afford to bring the Warhammer 40,000 MMO to market by itself.

This announcement was made as part of an investor conferance call with CEO Brian Farrell who went on to say that the publisher would have to take a different tack if it was going to finish the game at all. THQ is now actively looking to partner with a second firm in oder to get the game to a stage where it can hit shelves.

“Because of the large financial commitment and associated risks, we are being realistic about our resources and we are actively seeking a partner for this compelling new MMO. We will keep you updated on our progress,” Farrell told his investors.

This is big news as THQ had previously said that despite all of the changes being made to the studios under the wing of the publisher, its major ones including Relic Entertainment would not be affected. Technically this game is a joint project between Relic and Vigil Games, but even so.

I was quite excited about this MMO, so I hope it can be picked up by some other experienced studio or publisher. Ah well, most MMOs are all the same anyway. Are we missing out much here if it doesn’t get finished?


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