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First Wii U Box Art Images Appear

First Wii U Box Art Images Appear

The first pictures of Nintendo Wii U box art have appeared on Amazon, showing a colour scheme that’s baby blue, edged with yellow.

Appearing on the Canadian version of the Amazon website for Assasin’s Creed III – image is still live at the time of writing – the cover of the game features a top that’s blue, with a yellow edging. However within this, there’s the standard Wii logo, accompanied by another logo that has a U, with a cut-out U within it – the official Wii U image.

Presumably this is official box art, but publisher Ubisoft hasn’t released a statement about the release yet.

Something else that will interest gamers however is the release date. While Amazon will sometimes adjust release dates as they get closer, this Wii U version of Assassin’s Creed III is listed as hitting the shelves on 30th October this year. This is a little earlier than the predicted Christmas period release of the next-generation Wii U console.

Some analysts are pointing out that the colour scheme for this Wii U packaging is similar to the Gamecube, but what that tells us is anyone’s guess. Other games that have seen packaging appear on Amazon include Rayman Legends, Just Dance 4 and Avengers: Battle for Earth.


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