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First Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details

First Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details

If you thought Tomb Raider and the idea of multiplayer in its new outing was blasphemous, you may want to cross yourself at this point as the first details of how it will all work have landed. There will be team deathmatch and there will be unlocks and loadouts.

Yup, Tomb Raider is becoming CoD.

Team Deathmatch has one team made up of Lara’s surviving allies, while the other is a group of brutal scavengers. The aim of the game is simple, kill each other using a variety of weapons, while avoiding spike traps.

In Rescue, players on one team have to carry med kits to a certain location, while the scavengers try and stop them. In the final game mode, Cry For Help, details are a bit thin on the ground but apparently its more about collection than racking up a good kill count.

But you won’t all be playing as Lara, as there will be a list of potential characters to run around as, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Weapon loud outs will allow for up to four firearms and hand to hand weapons, perhaps mixing up handguns with Lara’s bow.

Tomb Raider is expected to be release on the 5th of March this year.

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