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Fifth Metal Gear is open world, called MGS: Ground Zeroes

Fifth Metal Gear is open world, called MGS: Ground Zeroes

Some artwork from the next game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise has been unveiled by Konami, showing a webbing, and rubber suited individual next to a 25th Anniversary logo. With the original Metal Gear game landing in 1987, the release of its 4th sequel in 2012 would be quite poignant.

Smart alecs have already pointed out that this is likely Solid Snake mentor ‘Big Boss’.

Metal Gear

Big Boss?

Believing that Metal Gear Solid 4 wrapped the series up well enough, creator Hideo Kojima said he wanted to look at different parts of the game’s universe, namely the Normandy landings. Ultimately, he decided on a game featuring Solid Snake’s mentor, Big Boss and the Cobra unit during World War II, specifically Normandy.

The game is set to be called Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, instead of simply using the fifth moniker. Using the new Fox Engine, the game looks set to be a pretty one, with some reports already suggesting that it could be an open world title – a first for the Metal Gear franchise.

Kojima used the unveiling to also announce that a Metal Gear film was in the works, with Marvel producer Avi Arad heading the production at Columbia Pictures.

Source: Eurogamer

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