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Favourite mod of the year?

Favourite mod of the year?

Lots of “best of 2012” stories flying around at the moment as it lets us journos rewrite something we’ve already told you and shove it out there so we can get back to turkey leftovers and newly unwrapped presents, so I’m not going to be any different today.

PC gamers over at ModDB have been talking about their favourite mods of the year and ranking them from 10-1. Some of these are old favourites and others are making the list for the first time, but either way, if you have the titles these mods are made for – or have a little spare pocket money after Christmas – then you should definitely be checking these out.


First up is The Sith Lords Restore Content Mod for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II. This ones been worked on for over five years at this point, with tonnes of work added. From extra in-game content, through cut-scenes are more. Brutal Doom comes in 9th, offering a more “brutal” Doom experienced. Bigger sounds, bigger bosses, faster enemies and harder hitting projectiles. What more do you want if you’ve mastered the original classic?

In seventh and eighth, Company of Heroes gets a look in with Modern Combat and Blitzkrieg mod, both adding new factions and new wars to fight. Misery comes in 6th, modding STALKER Call of Pripyat with new textures, music, weapons, AI, weather and “much more.”

Command and Conquer Generals, and old favourite of mine pops up at number 5, with Rise of the Reds. This ones been in development since 2004, so it has one of the strongest pedigrees of this whole list and looks fantastic. As does #4, CoH: Eastern Front, which sees players of the hit World War II strategy title take to the Russian side of the conflict.

The top three spots aren’t surprising. Cry of Fear, that Greenlight title that got a lot of attention takes bronze, with DayZ coming in second. As if that needs an introduction. Number one though goes to Black Mesa, the Half Life source remake. It’s fantastic, really and deserves every top spot it gets.


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