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Elder Scrolls Online beta invites coming soon

Elder Scrolls Online beta invites coming soon

The beta invites for Zenimax’s Elder Scrolls Online are set to be sent out some time this month, prompting the suggestion that if you haven’t signed up already, you might want to now.

28th March is the expected date where the first batch will be sent out, with no word on who will be picked or why. Chances are as well that they will land sometime on the weekend, giving people plenty of time to play – as long as they’ve cleverly cleared their schedule of all other duties.

Instead of doing what a lot of companies do and have a beta that is continuous from one point until release, Zenimax have opted instead to run these scheduled beta events, which allows for better stress testing and keeps the game’s content under wraps a little more than if players are allowed to just wing it across the map exploring everything before its even been released.

Of course the important thing in this news piece is the sign up link. So where is it?


Down here.

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