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EK Gaming to Share 10 per cent of Used Games Sales with Publishers

EK Gaming to Share 10 per cent of Used Games Sales with Publishers

A new US game retailer has pledged to give 10 per cent of its used game sales revenue to publishers, in an olive branch extension that’s designed to calm the waters between gamers and those that publish the games themselves.

In a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, gamers claim that they buy used games because retail prices are too high, and developers and publishers claim that prices are so high because so many used games are bought. The latter also implemented horrible, horrible DRM like Always On and Online Passes, to combat the used game industry’s billion dollar success.

EK Gaming however is stepping out in front and saying enough of the sillyness, offering a unique and elegant solution that if adopted my many other retailers, could see the used game market endure, while allowing publishers to not bundle restrictive DRM with their games. It might even make them produce games that are unique, since they could afford to take a few more risks if they knew money would be made from the game for years to come, instead of just over the few months after release.

“Publishers are spending record amounts of cash on new game development. This increase in dev costs is steering them in directions that don’t necessarily jive with gamers, causing them to take less risks on new and potentially exciting IP’s or game mechanics and sticking with tried and true properties that are more of a guarantee,” said CEO of EKGaming Mike Kennedy.

“We want to share our used game revenue with them so they can continue investing in new gaming experiences without worrying about the negative effects used games could be having on their operations.”

EK has also promised to offer a higher trade in value for games, offering gamers up to 30 per cent of the original retail value of the title.

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