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EA Points Finger at Casual Gamers as SW:toR Leavers

EA Points Finger at Casual Gamers as SW:toR Leavers

Subscribers have been leaving the ill fated and incredibly expensive Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, and EA is looking to put the blame on anyone but itself. Apparently, its the casual gamers that are leaving the Star Wars Universe, cancelling their subscriptions. The MMO has dropped 400,000 subscribers in the past three months, leaving it with 1.3 million as of May 2012.

Describing the early days of the game as a true event, something that non-gamers could be interested in, EA’s Label boss Frank Gibeau said that now, “as the service evolves from here, what we’re seeing is that some of the initial casual customers have gone through a billing cycle and decided not to subscribe to the game.”

He countered this however by saying that despite the casual players fleeing the title, the hardcore MMO players have remained. He believes the current crop of 1.3 million players is likely to stay dedicated for some time.

EA’s top dog John Riccitello said that while the game wasn’t in the top five earners for the company, it was in the top ten. “So it’s a business contributor, while important, is not as important as Medal of Honor or Battlefield or FIFA or Madden or The Sims or SimCity, but it’s more important than Tiger Woods PGA Golf.”

“So while I understand there’s an enormous amount of interest, I don’t know that it warrants as much as what we’re seeing right now. But we love the franchise, we’re going to grow the franchise and just like we want to see Tiger Woods Golf grow or SSX grow, or Madden for that matter, we’re going to drive this one for growth,” he continued.

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