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EA Making Multiplayer Plants vs Zombies Shooter

EA Making Multiplayer Plants vs Zombies Shooter

EA has been hiring individuals for a new game in the Plants vs Zombies universe. That would be fine if it was going to be a sequel to the incredibly popular tower defence derivative, but instead it seems like it could be a First Person Shooter, with multiplayer.

According to a report from Superannuation (via Kotaku), the game will be developed by EA Black Box, the company behind Need for Speed: The Run, though it’ll obviously be with some new additions. EA has been looking to hire a multiplayer designer, with experience working on consoles and map making. On top of this, the new art director job opening EA has for the project, requires experience with motion capture and working with actors, suggesting that the zombies in the next game would feature a little more reality than he original Plants vs Zombies game. Either that, or the house owners that never made an appearance in the first might show their faces.


If it wasn't free I'd bitch more...

Other specifications of the job posting asks for experience with level design that includes destruction, construction and modification of a game space, suggesting there could be sandbox elements, or building involved – sounding a little similar to Epic’s already announced Fortnite game for next-generation consoles.

If this is all sounding like a bit of a betrayal of the original franchise, never fear, it’s already started. EA and PopCap recently released a Talking Zombatar app for iOS and Origin, that features a 3d rendition of a zombie that you can dress up, take pictures with, make him repeat what you say and have him dance. It’s free, but micro transactions are involved if you want him to have any of the ‘cool’ outfits featured in the trailer.

Perhaps the 3D engine being used for that ‘game’ will be used in this new PvZ game?

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