EA Games Gives Away Thousands of Games, Accidentally

EA games recently announced that those who took part in a survey, would be gifted a $20 off coupon code for Origin. However over the weekend, it quickly became clear that the code could be used more than once. In some instances, it could even be used over and over again with no penalty.

On top of this, the code could be used by any one and therefore shared among everyone you know – so of course, that’s what everyone did. This allowed for thousands of people to get free copies of $20 games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age and more.

Initially it was discovered by users that if they entered the code within the Origin software itself, it could also be used through the browser based Origin store – since it didn’t seem to be tracked when a usage occurred. However things got even worse for EA when someone else figured out that if you used the code before logging in, it could be used over and over again without issue.

It didn’t take long however for EA to notice the gaff and close up the hole. A community manager on the official forums noted:

“Hi everyone,

The coupon code is now expired; we’ll honour all sales made with the coupon code over the weekend and hope fans enjoy their games.

Sam “QforQ” Houston”

So what games did you guys buy over the weekend?

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