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Does this look next-gen to you?

Does this look next-gen to you?

While Crysis 3 is about the prettiest thing we’ve seen in the wild up until now – and even then it’ll be next year before we get our hands on it – however the developer of Mafia, Daniel Vavra and Warhorse Studios has given us an idea of what might come after the next instalment of the GPU melting shooter.

This demo is part of a new medieval RPG that the developer is working on. Expected for release sometime in 2014 or so, there’s a long time to go before this sees the light of day, but it has a lot of pretty features. It uses a modified version of the CryEngine 3 to create all the muddy tracks and wooden buildings and it looks great. The vegetation in particular is impressive and this is just early testing so it should get better.

The screenshot is a bit washed out and blurry since it was recorded from a projection screen, similarly with the video. However it does give us an idea of what we all might be looking at for Xbox 720 and PS4 gaming. Of course PC gamers will be looking at these sorts of graphical effects a bit sooner than that perhaps, but this certainly makes Skyrim look poor in comparison.

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