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Day Z Hackers Banned From ARMA II

Day Z Hackers Banned From ARMA II

Those using hacks in the hit zombie open world shooter mod, Day Z, have been banned entirely from the base game’s multiplayer as well as all mods. Servers were temporarily knocked offline while Bohemia updated its anti-hack software Battleye.

“We got info from BE that those who have previously been using hacks have received a GLOBAL BAN via BattlEye,” said Day Z staff member Rocket on the Day Z forum.

“Yes, that’s right. You just bricked your copy of ArmA2 in multiplayer.”

ARMA II, released in 2009, has seen a massive resurgence in recent months purely down to the Zombie modification. 20 per cent of the total sales of the game have been thanks to the mod, sending it back up the charts on STEAM as one of the hottest selling games.

All because of a mod. If ever there was an example of it being worthwhile for developers to include mod tools, it’s this.

Day Z uses the massive world of ARMA II’s near deserted ex-soviet state, to allow around 50 players and over 500 zombies to roam around, collecting ammo and food, shooting each other and mowing down the undead. Some of the stories created by the gameplay and its permanent death have really shown the capability of a very simple premise if handled correctly.

Source: Eurogamer


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