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Cube Tapping Curiosity Appears on iOS

Cube Tapping Curiosity Appears on iOS

Peter Molyneux’s cube tapping mobile app Curiosity has now appeared on iOS, with already a few thousand taking part in its destruction. It’s also been announced that the prize at the centre is a video – what it reveals, remains to be seen.

“Inside the Cube and under an undisclosed number of layers, there is an amazing discovery waiting to be found. The surface image on the Cube for the last layer will make it obvious to all that it is the final layer.”

“The person who removes the last cubelet on the final layer is the winner and will automatically be sent a video link on their device explaining what is at the centre of the cube.”


Has Curiosity peaked yours?

“The winner is free to do what they wish with the video link information – they can disseminate the link via social media or keep the content to themselves. However, the video link information should not be traded for any personal monetary gain.”

Wishful thinking perhaps?

According to Eurogamer, 6075 players have already contributed to removing that first outer layer, which so far has had around 22 million tapped away, leaving around 78 million left in that first layer alone. While it’s unknown at the moment how many layers there will actually be, at the current rate we should see around one removed every day.

This is starting to sound like a very slow and unrewarding game of pass the parcel.

Molyneux has previously stated that he believes Curiosity to be an experiment on mass multiplayer gaming. 6,000 players on one cube is quite an achievement, but he has plans to go further. It’ll be interesting to see what the maximum player count ends up being.

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