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Crytek 3 Dev. Says Consoles Will Never Beat PCs Again

Crytek 3 Dev. Says Consoles Will Never Beat PCs Again

One of the developers of Crysis 3 at Crytek has come forward and suggested that “without breaking any NDAs,” the next generation of consoles will not be able to compete with the power house that the PC has become in contemporary gaming and that chances are, they never will again.

“If you look at PC gaming, that has changed also,” he said. “The whole modular way you can design a PC today, with two, three or four graphics cards in them, and you can water cool them and overclock to infinity, that didn’t exist even six or seven years ago. You just bought one or maybe two graphics cards and then you were super enthusiastic.

Crysis 3

Recent Crysis 3 screenshot releases have been very impressive

“It’s very difficult to compete with that. People have these massive nuclear power plants standing in their rooms that will run your games really fast. It’s hard to compete with.”

It wasn’t all about the graphics however. He also talked about the patching process and how the uninhibited nature of the PC with regards to bug fixes made it such an easier to platform to develop for and continually support: “Sony and Microsoft are both looking to improve the process of updating live games and online games,” he said. “They understand also that as soon as you launch a game, whether it is retail or digital, you have to service the game. This whole servicing wasn’t a thought they had when they launched the Xbox and PlayStation.”

The way the consoles do things, with their month of two of lead in time for any patch – plus an upfront certification cost for the developer – makes it far less attractive a platform.

“But it is a thought that has come up recently in the last two years, from changing from games as a good to games as a service. And when games as a service changes the platform has to become a platform as a service platform,” the dev. concluded.

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