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CryEngine 3 Physics Demo is Impressive

CryEngine 3 Physics Demo is Impressive

A new demo of Crytek’s CryEngine 3 has appeared, this time showing some really quite impressive vehicle damage and movement effects. While some of the lighting isn’t quite finished yet (some text highlights how viewers need to bare with the team on that) the way the vehicle responds to the world’s physics is very life like.

The truck shown in the video reacts in real time to road conditions, meaning it bounces around to shallow dips and rises in the road and test track, flips when you would expect it to and becomes damaged based on the impact speed and direction. According to the video’s text overlay, nothing is pre-determined or animated, the crumpling front end and bumper damage are all calculated in real time.

When there’s a head on collision the front end is damaged uniformly, but with a corner point crash, the front end bends inwards at the point of impact.

Throughout the video the pickup is shown breaking apart, pieces flying off, something that will look fantastic if used in a contemporary racing title, as well as the future Crysis or Farcry games that you would expect it to see use in.

Did I mention the whole thing is running at 100 FPS? This leaves hope for next generation of consoles running above the oft-decried 30 frames per second.

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