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CryEngine 3.0 DX11 Footage Appears

CryEngine 3.0 DX11 Footage Appears

A new video showcasing the DX11 features of the upcoming CryEngine 3 has been released by Crytek, showing its development and tweaking in real time.

Tessellation is heavily evident and is showcased in a wire map segment of a human face. This is quickly followed up by a skinning of said person with an incredibly detailed skin texture. This was a technique used to show off the Cryengine 2 when it was being worked on – this takes it to a whole new level.

Much of the video has the developer window open at the same time, showing the seamless real time editing of different scenes and visual effects. Real time reflections make the sea look fantastic and it moves in a very organic fashion.

AI mapping is shown off, but its hard to discern much from it. Advances in computer controlled bots would have a big impact on gameplay so it’ll be exciting to see the first CryEngine 3 games land to test what advances have been made in this area.

Other visual improvements include tweaked glass shattering animations, improved day and night cycles, as well as “filmic toning” to improve twilight lighting – making it have a much more sepia colour palette compared with the higher segments of the day.

To check out the video yourself, head over to Eurogamer.

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  • Dave Stone

    Awesome! Can’t wait for Crysis 3!