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Crowd Funding For Scientology Mocking Game

Crowd Funding For Scientology Mocking Game

The Game of Scientology, is currently up for funding on IndieGoGo and has drawn a lot of attention since it purports to “take the piss out of Scientology’s history and beliefs.” While threatening to mock any religion can cause outrage, Scientologists have a history of being quite aggressive in their defence of the pseudo-religion.

Being developed by Elevator Entertainment, the game looks – if it’s anything like the explanation video – like it’ll feature 8bit style graphics and old school gaming sensibilities. Speaking with Ausgamers, one of the developers said:

“Having stumbled onto the topic over a nostalgic game on the Super Nintendo, we couldn’t help but see how the story of Scientology could be mistaken for a game.”

“We are also acutely aware of scientology’s legal history of simply bullying opponents out of court by using their mammoth financial and human resources to wear any attackers down,” he added. Hopefully the same won’t happen to his team of devs.

The video shows off two friends, Dylan and Pete, who recently joined the church. Players have to help them complete missions and level up, unlocking new ranks in the church, eventually crossing the bridge to total freedom.



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