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Board Gaming on the PC has new Building Blocks

Board Gaming on the PC has new Building Blocks

Wolfire Games, the developer behind bunny kung-fu action title, Overgrowth and the indie charitable organisation, Humble Bundle, has released a new game that creates a great foundation for board game development – as well as being a full game in itself.

Known as Desperate Gods, the game looks to be built around a similar system to some of Fantasy Flight’s circular dungeon crawl games. Players move around in a circle, how far is based on their dice roll. They can buy equipment, defeat monsters and earn gold. However what’s unique about this PC enabled board game is how it operates. Instead of restricting players to the ruleset, Wolfire’s game lets players do whatever they want, in the same way players can in the real world.

If you want to roll four dice instead of two you can. If you want to draw from the wrong deck or take all the money, you can. The only thing keeping you from doing these things is knowing the rules, just like a board game in real life. However other players can put a stop to your antics too, as they have all the same real time controls as you do and you can see their mouse pointer moving around as if it’s their hand, so everything is as real time as possible – even the in-game music is synced so players are listening to same part of it at the same time.

As part of this release, Wolfire has said that the base build of the game can be used to create a variety of other titles too, so I’m quite looking forward to see what people can come up with.

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