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Blizzard are selling WoW game hardware

Blizzard are selling WoW game hardware

If you’ve ever wanted to hold a piece of the World of Warcraft in your hand, Blizzard now giving you the chance since more than 350 retired server blades have now been put up for sale, with all proceeds going to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

This is the real server hardware that once upon a time handled one of World of Warcraft’s many online realms, with characters running around, doing quests, dueling, fighting and more. Now retired and replaced by more modern hardware, it’s been sealed in glass along with a plaque signed by many of the staff involved with the game’s development and upkeep, along with a section of fancy text that denotes which realm the particular blade came from.

Kotaku reports that these auctions will continue until the 30th of January, with just under 350 still available for sale. Current prices range from $100 to over $260, with these expected to rise sharply in the next few days as the auctions draw to a close – as always happens, some git comes in at the last second and outbids you.

For those wishing to get a bid in, head over here to view the list of available auctions.

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