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Bioshock Infinite team continues to disband

Bioshock Infinite team continues to disband

Two more developers of Bioshock Infinite have jumped ship, amid some controversy since it is worried that the game is going through troubled times in the latter stages of development.

Initially slated for release this month – not  the best timing considering the release of similar titles like Dishonoured – It’s now been pushed to a February 2013 date. With two more people leaving, including the head of AI development Don Norbury and Clint Bundrick, combat designer, could Bioshock Infinite be in real trouble?

Bioshock Infinite

How much would it suck if this became vapourware?

Of course these guys could just have finished up their work on the game and be moving on to bigger and better things. Both have moved on to Microsoft, working on an unannounced project – presumably something relating to the next generation Xbox. They wouldn’t be the first Irrational games devs to move over to the software giant, with Joseph Faulstick heading there a while ago.

Back in August, both product development director Tim Gerritsen and art director Nate Wells also left Irrational and halted their work on Infinite too, though the developer was keen to point out that most of the original Bioshock development team was still working on the game.

Now all eyes are on this weekend, where a new trailer for the game is expected to be released. Will it give us any more in the way of hints about what’s going on?

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