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Avengers: Battle for Earth Game Outed

Avengers: Battle for Earth Game Outed

Ubisoft is working on an Avengers movie tie in game known as Avengers: Battle for Earth, if a newly registered domain name is to be believed.

The guys at Fusible spotted the initial WhoIs listing that showed the domain through brand protection firm Mark Monitor. The name was registered by Marvel Characters Inc. and is listed on Ubisoft’s Nameservers, so the link with the publisher and developer is clear.

What isn’t clear is when this game will be released, why it wasn’t debuted alongside the movie in the US or EU as it’s clearly very popular and going to do incredibly well financially – and this is the usual method of promoting a game based on a movie property.  It needs to be done too then too, as movie tie-in games usually stink.

If I was a cynical man, I’d bet that the game sees you taking on the role of each of the avengers, fighting very, very generic mutant robot enemies from the movie, fighting a boss and then finishing the level. Upon completion, you switch characters and do the same thing. There will be some awful driving and flying stages that will control terribly and there will be basically no writing beyond repackaging a few elements from the movie.

But hey I could be wrong. This could be a great game. Right?

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