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Australia could get 18+ game rating

Australia could get 18+ game rating

Australia could be set to update its age rating system for games, adding a new 18+ category. As it stands, the highest rating a game can receive is 15+, which has in the past led to extremely violent games not receiving a rating and therefore not being able to go on sale.

A vote is set to go ahead in the Australian government with ex-federal minister for home affairs Brendan O’Connor taking responsibility for the bill. As Games Industry (requires free sign up) points out, Mr O’Connor has been pushing for a change to the law for some time.

The country’s first parliamentary session of the new year will be occurring on 7th February (jesus, do they have a long enough break?), where the proposed bill will be debated. If it passes in the lower parliament it will then be taken for a final decision at the Senate. However, it’s likely that it will be railroaded through both segments of government as it has been approved by state governments already and a Senate majority.

While major contributors in the senate are still being quite private about their thoughts on the matter, general consensus among minor parties suggests that it will get through, meaning Australian’s can rejoin the rest of the world enjoying the most violent and graphic games available.

Games that haven’t been sold in the country include: Leisure Suit Larry: Magma Cum Laude, Phantasmagoria, the original version of Left 4 Dead 2 and the original version of 50 cent bulletproof.


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