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Animated Walking Dead FPS Trailer Appears

Animated Walking Dead FPS Trailer Appears

An animated trailer for an in-development first person shooter based on the Walking Dead TV series has appeared, showing off Daryl and Meryl Dixon as the two main characters.

Presumably playing as Daryl (and potentially cooperative as Meryl) the trailer describes how “before the farm,” “before Atlanta,” the pair were “just two brothers, when the world turned to hell.” Set before the pair join up with Shane and the rest of the group, the two of them need to make their way to the potential safety of Atlanta. The trailer features lots of footage of woods and we see the crossbow and its bolts that Daryl became well known for using in the TV show.

As part of the game, players will need to carefully manage food and ammunition in order to stay alive. They’ll encounter characters – likely some crossovers from the comic and TV show too – that will either help or hinder Daryl and it will be to the players how to deal with them. It’d be great to see something similar to LA Noire’s facial recognition system for spotting the liars or dangerous individuals.

While there does sound like there’s a bit more story and gameplay to it, this game could turn out to be very like Land of the Dead, which saw the player continually fighting the same zombies over and over. The lack of ammunition could make things a bit more interesting however .

Set for release sometime in 2013, the game will be available on Xbox, PS3 and PC.

To watch the trailer yourself, head here to the official site.


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