April 11th, 2011

Fake Nintendo Cartridges make Awesome iPhone Cases

Ok while I’m no iPhone fan,  I want one of these. A clever company known as Meteor has produced a very cool line of iPhone cases based around fake Famicom and NES catridges. There’s been a previous line up of fake cartirdges that have created quite a buzz with lots of witty, nutty and downright nasty ideas for games that never were; it shows that the creativity of gamers is quite unbounded.

Still, if you want one you’re going to be dishing out almost $60 US, and even more if you want it shipped to this side of the pond.

Meh.. I don’t want it that badly. Now a Mega drive cartridge…

Read the full article at: http://uk.kotaku.com/5790719/fake-nintendo-cartridges-make-the-best-iphone-covers

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