Jeff Green Dark Souls 2 Bingo

If you’d prefer to play Bingo, copy the phrase list below and paste it into this Bingo generator. Set the card size to 5×5, include a free space in the centre and as many cards as you like. Then hit the ‘generate’ button.

Hello [country]!
Someone asks how old Jeff is
Whoa that's loud!
Triple swear
KOSS Porta Pros
Nelson Laugh
Hits the wall for no apparent reason
Fails to jump
Stamina Green!
Aaaaand I'm dead
Killed while looking at chat
Wife aggro
Victory achieved!
Eats a pretzel without accomplishing anything
Mockingly repeats an NPC's laugh
Dies in a manner so surprising he can't speak
Stream or Jeff's PC crashes
Kills a boss 'in one'
Drinks a flask for no reason
Let's bone home
Comments on the level architecture
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