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The comeback of Nokia 3310

Nokia unveiled the new 3310 after it first launched the new model. This iconic handset has been brought back from the dead, with new designs and new specifications. The new 3310 has been modified in terms of ringtones, screen and colours but the design remains more or less the same. But is innovative always better?  

Compared to the old 3310 which was launched at £129.99 in 2000, the new 3310 is relatively cheap costing around £15-£50. Being highly affordable, this new phone can suit all types of buyers and is a great option as back-up or holiday phone. Also, the recently launched 3310, is compatible to modern sim cards like Mini-sim or Dual sim.

When launched in 2010, the 3310 was very limited and did not have options like cellular connection, MicroSD port, Bluetooth and Micro USB port. But, the new phone has some extras like a 2.5G connection. This new option will surely enable you to have a fun time on the best online casino, Magical Vegas. The site being a responsive one can be accessed anytime using either a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop! Just take a device, and enjoy the best online slot games based on different themes and consisting of different pay lines.

In terms of designs, Nokia 3310 (2000) was dubbed as ‘everlasting’ due to its solid build quality front which was thick, and could easily be replaced. However, the 3310 (2017) is much lighter and less compact than its predecessor. The new phone does not seem solid and the front cover cannot be removed. When it comes to the display, the new 3310 is definitely considered as better in this modern era. This is simply due to its 240×320 resolution which gives a more detailed look of the interface, and a 2.4-inch colour display. On the contrary, the old Nokia 3310, was packed with a monochrome display with 84×84 resolution, which is not up to the level nowadays.

Regarding the battery life, Nokia 3310 (2000) could standby up to 11 days and had a capacity of 2.5 hours of talk time, with its 900mAh battery. On the other hand, Nokia 3310 (2017) has a larger battery of 1,200mAh which gives a whopping 31 days of standby alongside 22 hours of talk time. But we wonder if the new battery matches the quality of the old one.

A little plus for the new 3310 is that it consists of a camera unlike the old one. The camera is a rear-mounted 2MP snapper which features a digital zoom and single LED Flash. It is true that compared to other mobile devices, this camera is rather weak but it is still better than nothing!

Do you remember Snake? You will certainly find this game on the New 3310 but it is a modern version called the Snake Xenzia, which is full of colour graphics, a selection of levels and a simpler way to play. It might be fun to play, but it cannot beat the original Snake II.

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