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Valve is Making an eSport Documentary

Valve is Making an eSport Documentary

Valve has begun registering domains all based around the phrase Gamer Life: The Movie, leading some to suggest that we could be looking at a Valve feature film on eSport gaming. According to Lambdageneration, this idea is backed up by the fact that Valve were seen filming professional video game players at the close of 2011. At the time no details were given, apart from the fact that the project was in the early stages of production.

Perhaps Valve’s big announcement at Gamescom will be the first showing of this movie. However, what seems most likely at this point is a trailer for the film, since the latest GameTrailers TV episode trailer saw Geoff Keighley talk about an exlusive trailer from a non-video game Valve project.

So, when the next GT episode airs later today, we’ll see this trailer up close. Keep an eye on GameTrailers for when it appears, as the traffic to that video is likely to be huge.

It’ll be certainly interesting to see – we haven’t had a truly great video game documentary since 2007’s King of Kong and it’s about time we had another.

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