Incredible Hulk: My issues


With all that said, I have enjoyed playing through some of this game, though I play it like I would play an old game… I try and overlook the visuals, which for a brand new title, seems rediculous. The basics of jumping around the city and exploring are great fun – I actually spend more time moving around (not using the quick travel subway) than I do driving around in GTA IV. I just wish it looked better when I did it; I was really looking forward to the view from the top of Stark Tower. Just to put this all in perspective though, check out some screenshots for the exact same game on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3:

The Incredible Hulk PC
Look, those versions even get a night time. PC version… permanent day.

The Incredible Hulk PC

The Incredible Hulk PC
Shading on the Hulk, shadows, round tyres on the cars…

The Incredible Hulk PC



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