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Steelseries goes Positively Pink against breast cancer


Recently Steelseries introduced their Siberia V2 PINK edition headset, in the fight against breast cancer.

Steelseries donates 10% of the retail purchase price to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in order to raise at least $10.000 for these lads.

At the time of writing this article, their website shows that Steelseries has raised close to $8000, so based on their shop price of $99,99, Steelseries has sold around 800 of these lovely headsets already!

The Pink edition is like the normal Siberia V2 with audio/mic 3.5mm jacks, unlike the USB-version which comes with programmable software.

This special edition costs just $10 more than the normal Siberia V2 (which is about the amount donated per headset, by the way).

Steelseries was generous as always by sending us one of the Pink-edition headsets (directly sent to the same man who had the pink/purple cooling system in a black acrylic case)!

And if you don’t believe how pink it actually is, here’s another one:


Oddly enough, there is no reference of the anti-breast cancer campaign Steelseries is participating in to be found on the box,  just that the headset is PINK – which it sure as hell is.

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