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BradyGames Signature Series Guide to Resident Evil 6

BradyGames Signature Series Guide to Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 Strategy Guide

Earlier this month we previewed this strategy guide for Resident Evil 6, and today we’re back with a full review.

The guide offers brief character backgrounds before diving into a description of how to play the game. The character histories are a nice touch, as they acknowledge the details from previous games that Resident Evil 6 itself fails to cover. The guide to controls is both informative and thorough, and is just what you expect from BradyGames, although at £15.00, no less than you would expect. This guide covers both XBOX and PS3 console versions, in equal detail, and the keymap and explanations on how to navigate combat are both instructive and well illustrated.

Once you’re in the game, the guide really comes into its own. For those who like to beat a game without missing a thing, a guide like this becomes invaluable in order to achieve all of the awards, and unlock everything. This is especially true in Resident Evil 6 where the controls and camera really let themselves down, and it can become frustrating to try to locate items in pitch dark, especially when playing in Split-Screen mode.

The guide is broken up into five sections, with section two covering the walkthrough to the four different campaigns; Leon, Chris, Jake and Ada. Without giving anything away, I found the guides to be both accurate and useful especially on the higher difficulties, where the location of item boxes can be the difference between life and death. The maps for each stage are well laid out, and drawn to scale and are a useful complement as the game no longer provides comprehensive maps as it once did. For anyone using the guide, it is best not to read too far ahead as you would not want to spoil the story and any surprises to come.

Section III lists how to achieve all the trophies in game, and what you need to do to unlock them.

Section IV covers two of the game modes you will find yourself coming back to for replayability; Agent Hunt mode where you take on the role of a zombie or J’Avo in someone else’s campaign, and Mercenaries mode which was part of Resident Evil 5. The guide covers both modes extensively, offering tips and strategies on how best to tackle them. The Agent Hunt guide is very detailed, with useful explanations on how best to control your beasts, and how to target your opponents weaknesses. As Mercenaries mode is much more akin to the maingame, the guide is replete with maps and locations of the best and most useful items to help you beat the clock and the marauding beasts in front of you, with useful strategies for each of the enemies you might face.

The final part of the guide is an appendix that goes into great detail about all the items, weapons and monsters in the game. It is a nice touch, and is well illustrated and shows real attention to detail.

While this guide isn’t essential for all players and costs a good percentage of the game itself, if you’re a big fan of the series it’s a nice complement to your collection that will help you get the most out of Resident Evil 6 – although I’m sure we’ll see a lot of the same information online before too long!

All things said, I would recommend this guide for players who absolutely have to complete everything within a game, and love to get all the unlocks. It would be best to play through the game once without using it for reference, as the game itself is not complicated enough to require it. The guide is polished, well done and informative, and will be invaluable for players who want to go far in Mercenaries mode and are looking for replayability.

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