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Zotac Zbox net tops at CeBIT 2012

Zotac Zbox net tops at CeBIT 2012

Zotac were at CeBIT showing off a new unnamed entrant in their line of ZBOX net-tops – massively tiny PCs that cram an impressive amount of power into a chassis that you can literally fit in your pocket. The new chassis shaved off an inch left to right and half an inch top to bottom compared to their previous smallest model, and they’re calling it the world’s smallest PC.
On the front there was a card reader and combined USB / eSATA port, as well as combined stereo / SPDIF out and infrared connectivity. On the rear, you’ll find two USB 3.0 ports, ethernet, HDMI and the DC in. There were even two super-powered USB 2.0 ports, which between them should be enough to charge an iPad. Internal storage was done through an mSATA drive, a SSD that comes just as flash memory on a card instead of a fully encapsulated solution – which makes it smaller than a traditional 2.5″ SSD drive.
Zotac all in one

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The idea here is that you’re free to add additional capabilities to the nettop as you see fit, such as wireless connectivity or additional storage. Distributors will offer the nettops in popular configurations to fulfill a specific role (e.g. work PC, portable server, etc.), and some may also allow custom configurations too.
I’m looking forward to seeing more of this tiny tower of power once it comes out of NDA and is given a proper name. It should be great for enthusiasts who are looking for that ultimate mobile solution.
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