Samsung T1 portable SSD review: the best things come in small packages

pressToday we’re looking at the Samsung T1, a business-class SSD designed for portability. The T1 brings SSD speeds to a form factor somewhere between a USB flash drive and a full-size SSD, with USB 3.0 allowing that speed advantage to actually be realised. Let’s take a look at how it performs.

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Samsung 850 EVO review – putting 3D vertical NAND to the test


I recently bought a Samsung 840 EVO on Amazon – a great deal at £90 for a 250GB solid state drive, or so I thought. A few days later, I was offered the chance to review the 850 EVO, and of course I couldn’t pass that up – especially as I now had the perfect means to see exactly what’s changed in the new generation.

The 850 Evo promises improved speeds and aggressive pricing thanks to its vertically stacked (3D) NAND. Today, we’ll find out if it’s a true improvement over the 840 series, or just marketing hype. Let’s go.

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