Zowie HeatON EC1

While XSR does review a bit of everything, the one thing we've looked at more than anything else is peripherals; specifically mice and their counterpart mats. Today we're taking a peek at the latest offering from Zowie Gear, a company backed by several professional gamers who fully endorse their products. This one's called the EC-1, and it's championed by pro gamer HeatON. Lets see if his endorsement was worth what it cost.

Coolermaster Storm Inferno

Coolermaster have recently been pushing into other fields of PC hardware production, peripherals being one of their most interesting. Today we're taking a look at the Storm Inferno mouse which offers a few macro-able buttons, some impressive scripting software and a high sensitivity sensor. Let's see how it stands up to our vigorous testing.

Skydigital nKeyboard

Skydigital are well known for their PSUs and peripheral devices, especially their range of keyboards.With the nKEYBOARD, Skydigital have aimed to design a peripheral that works for both gaming and in a normal desktop/office setting without the expansiveness of the average gaming board. Let's see if it lives up these aims.

Roccat Pyra

As a general rule of thumb wireless gaming mice are far inferior to their wired rodent cousins; simply due to sod's law which makes it run out batteries just as you're going for that important kill. Roccat are well versed in the wired sector of the market with designs such as the Kone and Kova warranting significant praise from reviewers and consumers alike. With the Pyra, Roccat has decided to throw its hat into the mobile gaming market ring but can the PC peripheral manufacturer succeed where numerous others have failed? Let’s get started.

Speedlink Repute

For the average user, the humble mousepad is of little concern with any old advertising freebie doing the job. At gaming level though, the mat becomes much more significant: tracking and precision are key and so a high quality mousepad becomes vital. Speedlink already have an extension range of pads in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes but the Repute is designed specifically for gamers. Let's take a look in more detail.

Ozone Exposure

The Exposure offers everything a gamer needs to be on top of their game. However as with most gaming mats, if you're not going to be playing games on your pc for long periods of time, you might be better off improving other aspects of your setup instead. Sure there are some basic comfort issues over long gaming periods, but this is dependant on the angle you hold your wrist at, but. Bottom line, if you're a hardcore PC gamer then I can fully recommend the Exposure mouse mat.


As more people incorporate media centre PCs in their households, portable, wireless control of these media systems is becoming more and more important. However, often times these wireless peripherals are a little bulky or you need seperate mice and keyboards. Today though we're taking a look a product known as the iPazzPort which encorporates a full QWERTY keyboard including function keys and keypad, along with a fancy touch pad mouse control.