Nova Master

As we’ve seen with many reviews of mouse pads they can be an important part of a gamers arsenal of ultimate ownage. Nova have been making high quality gaming surfaces for over 15 years by now they should have gotten good at it. Their latest series of mouse pads has been much revered by gamers around the world so lets see how the biggest, therefore best – because of course size is what's most important – pad in this series fairs under a normal gamer’s scrutiny.

Roccat Sense

Gaming peripherals are something that not many hardware enthusiasts spend much time on; as the title suggests, it's more of a gamer thing. However, many underestimate what effect a simple mouse or keyboard upgrade can have on their PC usage in terms of comfort and features. The peripheral overlooked most of al however, is the mouse mat. From it's humble beginnings as a poorly held-in-place piece of foam, gaming mouse mats were born and today, I'm testing one that's been causing a stir with it's flashy looks; bring on, the Roccat Sense: Adrenalin Blue.

Cyber Snipa Stinger

While most of the gaming peripheral world is dominated by the big names like Razer and Logitech, there is a growing number of smaller companies that are bringing their own range of gaming products to the table. Cyber Snipa is one such name, and today I'll be testing their Stinger mouse. With adjustable DPI and weights, how will it fair against it's competitors? Let's see.

Evo-G MP1

With so many different types of PC related products available, it's not surprising that many manufacturers go a little unnoticed in certain circles. That's why being a reviewer is interesting, as we get the latest and greatest from the big boys, and we also get to check out products from companies we've never heard of before. EvoG fall into this category for me, and they've been kind enough to send over their new MP1 mouse mat. It's a cloth based pad with a plastic surface that should provide speedy gameplay; hopefully without a cost to accuracy. Let's find out.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser

We’ve seen high-end mice for a while now, with most gamers either opting for a Razer or Logitech branded mouse to do their fragging. SteelSeries have recently added a third vendor to the list with their Ikari Laser mouse, which I have here ready to be put through its paces.Featuring the usual on-the-fly sensitivity and multiple buttons, it’ll have to shine to beat away the already well know competition.

Speedlink Styx

There are two key gaming mice manufactures that have been doing just that for years, Razer and Logitech. However, these high-spec mice come at a cost, and are often over the top for the average gamer, who wants accuracy and comfort, but still some money left in the bank.So today I have Speedlink’s Styx which features a laser diode to pick up your movements, and spitting out 2200 DPI accuracy. Let’s see how it performs.

SteelSeries SP

Gaming mice are all the rage, with the ability to crank up the accuracy to 4000DPI and beyond, it’s no surprise that hardened PC users are looking to grab one. However, the surface they glide over is as important as the mouse itself, not just in the realm of accurate tracking but friction and movement.Today I have a SteelSeries mouse pad that follows in their hybrid range, this time with a fully hard top with soft rubber backing to grip your desk. Named the SP Pro Gaming mouse pad, lets see whether it lives up to its name…

Razer Lycosa

Gamers love Razer and Razer love gamers. As a result, they've taken it upon themselves to create some of the best gaming peripherals around including the Boomslang and Deathadder. They've made a gamer keyboard before called the Tarantula and several more in cahoots with other manufactures although these weren't destined for the gamers desk.Today I have the Lycosa which is a cut-down version of the Tarantula with light up keys and a more petite size. Let's see if Razer can keep gamers happy with this next keyboard incarnation.

Razer Lachesis

When I heard that Razer were releasing a new mouse, I knew it would be something special. Considering my last insight into a Razer mouse – the Death Adder – left me with a near-perfect gaming mouse, it’s not too much to expect something even better to come from the doors of Razer.The Lachesis returns to using a laser to track your movements rather than the previously much-hyped 3G infra-red sensor the Death Adder uses. With more buttons and increased DPI lets see how Razer’s latest model performs.