Razer Lycosa

Gamers love Razer and Razer love gamers. As a result, they've taken it upon themselves to create some of the best gaming peripherals around including the Boomslang and Deathadder. They've made a gamer keyboard before called the Tarantula and several more in cahoots with other manufactures although these weren't destined for the gamers desk.Today I have the Lycosa which is a cut-down version of the Tarantula with light up keys and a more petite size. Let's see if Razer can keep gamers happy with this next keyboard incarnation.

Razer Lachesis

When I heard that Razer were releasing a new mouse, I knew it would be something special. Considering my last insight into a Razer mouse – the Death Adder – left me with a near-perfect gaming mouse, it’s not too much to expect something even better to come from the doors of Razer.The Lachesis returns to using a laser to track your movements rather than the previously much-hyped 3G infra-red sensor the Death Adder uses. With more buttons and increased DPI lets see how Razer’s latest model performs.

Cyber Snipa PC Gamepad 2

With gaming becoming an increasingly competitive activity, some gamers choose to add a little edge to their play through upgrading their main weapons, the keyboard and mouse. Some however, choose to break away from a device originally designed for typing, and use a gamepad or gaming board. Cyber Snipa are one company attempting to cash in on this gamer choice with their PC-Gamepad 2. Let’s see what it can do.

Boogie Bug AimB Pad

Boogie Bug may not be the best known mouse mat production company, but they have a cool logo and I hear they made some good fans in the past; maybe they can make a good mat? The AimB Pad I have with me is quite a small one by modern standards, but it promises comfortable usage at a budget price; I wonder.NB. Since this mouse mat is simply a smaller version of the Boogie Bug AimB Pad XL reviewed here, elements of this review may bare similarity to the XL's review.

Boogie Bug AimB Pad XL

Whether mouse mats improve gaming or not is a bit of a debate that I am sure won't be ending any time soon. However, most will agree that some mats can improve comfort while using the mouse, but what if the mat is so big that it covers not only the mousing area, but the keyboard area too? Today I am taking a look into a large cloth mat from Boogie Bug called the Aim BPad XL; let's see how it does.

Revoltec FightPad Advanced

We had the pleasure of meeting part of the Revoltec team at Channel Expo earlier this year and were surprised that we hadn't come across their stylish gaming peripherals before. However, we later learned that due to delays their release date was due for June 07. Now June has arrived we have received the first of several review samples from Revoltec; The Fightpad Advanced. Let's see how it holds up.