Icemat Siberia Headset

We’ve reviewed pretty much the entire SteelSeries line of headsets, and the In:Ears of their subsidiary; Icemat. However, today I have the full Siberia headset which was brought to relative fame by Basshunter with his DOTA ditty. Let’s see if they are ready to be endorsed by XSReviews as well…

Razer Tarantula

Razer have transformed the gaming mouse market with their several successive mice; each building on the plus points of the last. With speaker systems and headsets; the keyboard was only a matter of time. Today I have the Razer Tarantula which is Razer’s first attempt (bar the Microsoft Reclusa).

Ratpadz XT

Hard OCP are well known in the review industry for their popular website, and now they are trying to get into the mouse pad sector with their Ratpadz range. Today I have their XT model which promises a slick surface and a large gaming area.EDIT: Obviously Ratpadz have been around for years, the introduction was poorly worded apologies to anyone misled.