Fnatic Clutch G1 mouse review: the consummate professional


Fnatic are a world-famous eSports organisation, but they’re also owners of a new brand of gaming peripherals. This is Fnatic Gear’s second mouse, after the well-received Flick, and it’s called the Clutch. Its sleek body holds a Pixart 3310 optical sensor, an RGB LED backlit scroll wheel and Omron switches. It’s a strong start, but does it add up to …

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Speedlink Strike NX wireless gamepad review: cheap cheap


There are a lot of solid gamepads for PCs these days, although most are just repurposed console controllers from the Xbox 360, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Speedlink’s Strike NX is different; a PC-only wireless gamepad that costs far less than full-fat console alternatives. Let’s see how much controller you can get for £24. There are a lot of solid gamepads …

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QPAD DX-20 review: what is this, an optical mouse for ants?


Optical mice are in. Pro players love them because they have no mouse acceleration, allowing for pinpoint accuracy at a range of speeds. Casual players love them because pro players love them. The latest optical mouse is the diminutive DX-20, QPAD’s ‘first new mouse shape’ in seven years. Let’s see how it compares to its rivals, big and small.

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SteelSeries Rival review: a refined optical gaming mouse

Today we’re looking at the SteelSeries Rival 300, one of a growing number of gaming mice with an acceleration-free optical sensor. The idea here is that by eliminating hardware acceleration, you can get a much more consistent experience; moving your mouse three inches will always translate into the same amount of on-screen movement at a fixed DPI. That should make it …

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