Revoltec at Channel Expo

At Expo myself and SorX met a fair few representatives of companies we hadn't heard of before. Having spotted the Revoltec stand on the first day, but giving it some space due to the large crowd that it drew, we rose fresh faced on the 29th and headed straight for it. Upon reaching their orange and black flecked stand we were greeted by the giant of a man that is Ralf Hamann. Now it could be said that many are giants when compared to my 5'5" frame, but this man towered above all around him. Moving into the booth, he showed us the range of peripherhals that Revoltec would be unleashing upon the world in June of this year.

Booth Babes of Channel Expo

Since computing is generally a bit of a male orientated interest, it never hurts to have a few good looking females to draw in the punters; Channel Expo was no different. Granted it was on a bit of a smaller scale that CeBIT but there was still a good bit of ass n' titties (thank you chauvinistic Rap artists) on display.

Silverstone Olympia OP650w

Silverstone have been producing high end power supplies and chassis for years now. They are hoping to continue this run with their latest range of PSUs, the Olympias. Featuring a strong single 12v rail and a multitude of connectors and cables, can the OP650 model serve up what we are looking for? Read on to find out.

Geil Ultra Plus 1gb PC6400

Geil have been making waves in the memory market for years now and are looking to continue that trend with their latest and greatest modules, the ultra series. I have been lucky enough to receive a 1GB kit of 6400 memory from that very range. It boasts extremely tight timings and a wide range of safe voltage variation, lets see what these babies can do.

Thermalright HR07 memory cooler

When people think of air coolers, they think of huge tower CPU heatsinks, stylish exhaust fan setups on GPUs and miniaturised chipset fan and 'sink combos. However little effort has ever been put into memory cooling. Attempts to cool RAM in the past have been met with more ratings with tiny 40 and 60mm fans just not being upto the job. Thermalright has stepped upto the challenge with their High Rise HR07 memory coolers; lets see if they can go where others have not.