Lexar JumpDrive Secure II 4GB

USB drives are so prolific that they are now beginning to be given away free promotionally. There are literally thousands of different makes, models and capacities; all of which operate at different speeds. Of recent, the focus has been moving away from sheer storage to the speed at which you can fill the provided space, with people becoming ever more impatient.With the 4GB barrier broken a long time ago, there have been more and more devices falling into this bracket of size. They are mostly the same and rarely have differentiating features, and most come with an encryption program to stop an opportunistic thief running off with your important documents.Today I have the Lexar JD Secure II 4GB which has a nifty little feature that separates it from its other 4GB cousins.

Sapphire 2900XT 512mb

ATI were well behind nVidia when it came to releasing their DX10 hardware. 6 months passed between the introduction of the 8800 range from the green guys before the boys in red brought their 2xxx series of cards to the table. Even then, the king of GPUs at the time, the GTX, was still way out of the 2900XT's league. However, many have claimed it is a fantastic mid-high range solution; let's see if we concur.

Ageia – An Insight

In the past XSReviews has worked quite closely with Ageia, reviewing their hardware and testing out some of their supported games to see how PhysX effects gameplay and ultimately, to see if that extra add-in card is worth it. Recently I had the pleasure of conducting a lengthy interview with Dan Forster who is the PR and Marketing manager for Ageia in Europe and he was able to answer some of our questions on upcoming games like Warmonger, using the PhysX SDK, competition from the Havok engine, and what we can expect from the Ageia hardware in the future.In previous reviews, we have looked at the Asus PhysX hardware here, some PhysX based games here, and an indepth look at GRAW 2's PhysX here.

SilverStone Strider 1000W – ST1000

1000W used to only be for kettles or heaters, but now your PC can be supplied with a kilowatt of energy. Several manufactures have had a go at the 1000W supply, and I’ve yet to see one that really stands out from the crowd. Today I have the SilverStone Strider which builds on the success of their many other power supplies. Have they got it right?

PhysX In GRAW 2

Around a year and a half after their original release, PhysX cards still cause much controversy when discussion about them begins. They have the usual fanboys and skeptics and all those in between. No one can deny however, that there hasn't been many games that really utilize the PhysX PPU (Cell Factor is perhaps the only one) and shows off what the technology can really do. Now Ubisoft have released their second game to support PhysX, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW 2). With a special level and extra effects for those with Ageia's cards, will this game make it worth buying one? Read on to find out.

Revoltec Rhodium

Revoltec chose a rather unique name for their company, and their cases also have a rather unique look. We’ve seen the Zirconium, and today I have the Rhodium continuing their naming scheme for elements. The Rhodium has similar looks to the Zirconium with the trademark top triangular I/O plate and the large front panel. Let see how it performs.

PNY 8800GTS 320mb

Although PNY might not be the general port of call for enthusiasts when it comes to upgrading their graphics card, they produce a wide range of GPUs designed for users of not only the latest and greatest, but the mid range cards too. Today I have such a card, the 8800GTS 320mb which other manufacturers have done very well with. Let's see if PNY can do the same.

MSI P6N-Diamond

In the past Nvidia have produced some of the best enthusiast chipsets around, most notably perhaps their nForce 4 for the old AMD 939 systems. Still, times have changed now and for quite a while Intel's 965P and 975P based motherboards were the way to go with LGA 775 systems. However, in recent times Nvidia have clawed their way back in with their feature packed 680i boards and we have finally got our hands on one. The MSI P6N-Diamond which promises great overclocking, a chock load of features and excellent cooling to boot, let's see if this all rings true.