Synology DS710+ NAS

Here at XSReviews we previously took a look at another Synology product known as the DS-210j which showed a lot of promise as a home enthusiast, or business user's NAS drive. Now though, we're looking at the much bigger brother. Faster, better looking and definately more expensive, ladies and gentlemen I give you the DS710+.

iStorage Disk Genie

Portable storage security has been quite a hot topic in recent years, especially here in the UK with government officials being rather careless with sensitive materials. To help combat this iStorage have come up with a nice little product designed to keep your portable storage protected. The Disk Genie comes equipped with a fully functioning keypad allowing a passcode to be inputted when the device is to be used. Should prove an interesting review at least. Let's check it out.

Nexus Edge

In a world that is all about Information, we need plenty of space to store all of it. Today we will be looking at the Nexus Edge, a high-end computer case aimed at no one less than you and me, the casual IT-consumer. Nexus presents this case as a high-class one with great functionality for everyday use. Less see if Nexus can keep their promises.

Steelseries 9HD

Steelseries produce a range of gaming gear from mice and mats to keyboards and clothing, providing a range of useful additions to gamers of all abilities. Among the plethora of toys from this Danish-born company is a selection of more than a dozen mousing pads. The mouse mat is an oft-forgot element of the gamer's apparel. Much attention is given to mice and high-resolution monitors, but people tend to forget about that extra layer in communication between man and machine. So we'll now take a look at the Steelseries 9HD Pro Gaming mouse mat, designed to meet the extra demands of precision gamers.

Nexus Air Duster Cleaning Spray

Nexus produce a wide variety of products, from cases to CPU Coolers, Power Supplies, and duster cleaning materials? Seems Nexus feel that dusty PCs need a bit of attention, and the best way to go about it is with a cleaning spray specifically designed for internal PC components while being "Ozone Friendly."Lets see how it does.

Synology DS210j NAS

In the last few years, as computing has become more mainstream with products like the Wii and the iPhone bringing these electronics into the homes and hearts of an ever expanding market of consumers, one of the largest growing fields is the storage industry. This has brought out a tonne of innovation and diversity, from hard drives, to SSDs, USB pen drives, portable hard drives and network strorage. Today we're looking at a NAS device from Synology, known by the catchy name of DS210j. Still, lets see what kind of shoes it can fill.