Sapphire x1950 Pro

Although many have been a bit disappointed that the latest hardware renditions that ATI released didn't take the GTX performance crown, they tend to forget that the money is in the mid to low range cards, not the top end. This is a market that is still held pretty firmly by ATI with their x1950 Pro cards. Today I have Sapphire's version of the series which has proved itself time and time again; let's see how this one fairs against new challengers from the 8600 series.

Scythe Andy Samurai Master

Scythe have been making some of the best coolers around for a couple of years now and they have always been rather large and excessive; but very effective. Today I have with me something that is again, rather excessive and with some of the strangest box art I have ever seen; the Scythe Andy Samurai Master.