Super Talent T800UX4GC5 4gb

When it comes to performance memory, there is always a short list of names that comes up. However, over the lat couple of years other manufacturers have muscled their way onto the scene and one of these is Super Talent. Today I will be reviewing their huge 4gb kit, named the T800UX4GC5.

Samsung Writemaster SH-S183A

Long ago it seems, when I bought my first SATA HDD and yet, it is only now that I get to play with my first SATA DVD drive. Why you ask? Well it's actually taken this long for SATA CD/DVD drives to catch up to IDE drives in terms of performance and price. QuietPC have sent me the Samsung Writemaster SH-S183A/BEBN SATA DVD Drive. Catchy; let's see if its time to ditch the ribbon cables forever.

Sapphire x1950 Pro AGP

Although PCI-Express has been around for a while now, there are still plenty of people out there that haven't made the switch yet, and are therefore still using AGP cards. However, there is a problem here as a lot of manufacturers offer very few options for AGP gamers. Fortunately, Sapphire are not a company to let this lot down and have sent us their x1950 Pro AGP to let us see what it can do.

OCZ Reaper PC8500 HPC

OCZ are well known throughout the enthusiast community for being one of the top few memory manufacturers when it comes to overclocking. Recently, they have also become known for their innovative RAM cooling solutions such as the watercooling option that comes with their Flex memory kit. Today I have another of their heatsink clad kits, the Reaper PC2-8500 HPC (Heat Pipe Conduit), which features twin heatpipes leading to a black painted heatsink.

Antec P190

At Channel Expo I had the privilege of being stabbed with a case panel by their rep showing me their new P190 case. Building on the success of the P180 range, this case now has 2 140mm fans, 2 120mm fans and an Antec Big Boy 200mm fan slapped on the side. If the box is anything to go by, this case is big…