Silverstone Decathlon DA750

How many 12v rails should a PSU have? This has always been somewhat debatable, some entering the single rail camp, and others preferring the route of the dual or even quad rail units. Silverstone made their mark with the Zeus range of power supplies featuring a strong single 12v rail and they aim to continue this trend of stable, solo rail units with their Decathlon series.

Vizo Milano Media HDD Enclosure

Vizo have got their finger in every pie, with hard disc enclosures, card readers and PC fans. But today I have a more interesting product, a hard disc enclosure. But not just any hard disc enclosure, this box contains the usual USB interface, but also acts as a stand-alone media centre playing audio and video. Lets have a look…

Steelseries Vs. Meroncourt

At Expo there was undoubtedly going to be some stands that drew larger crowds than others. While we were there it became quite clear that the winner in terms of crowd appeal and interest from press and general public alike was the SteelSeries one. This booth featured a nice lounging area of "Fatboy" bean bags, a few racks of mouse mats, several foam heads sporting the legendary Steelsound and Icemat headsets and the centrepiece, two gaming rigs hooked upto a large monitor with a pro gamer on one, and all challengers on the other. The prize for taking down one of these SteelSeries sponsored gamers was a headset of your choice; well we just had to give it a go.