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Aukey LT-ST21 RGB table lamp review

Today we’re looking at what could be a nice addition to your home — an LED table lamp from Aukey, capable of producing warm...

Reviews, Smart Home

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Reviews, VR

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset review

Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Valve/HTC’s Vive the two best-known VR headsets for the PC, but...

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Monitors and Projectors, Reviews

BenQ PD3200Q review: a giant 1440p monitor for creatives

Today we’re looking at a designer monitor from BenQ, the PD3200Q. This is a 32-inch monitor with a...

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Reviews, Storage

Toshiba Q300 SSD 120GB review

The Q300 is a popular SSD on Amazon, thanks to its high maximum read and write speeds that essentially max...

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Reviews, Storage

Toshiba TransMemory U363 / U364 128GB USB drive review

Today we’re testing the performance of two of Toshiba’s latest flash memory drives. If...

Mobile Accessories, Reviews

QacQoc USB-C to HDMI adapter review

Today we continue our capsule review series with a quick test of the QacQoc USB-C to HDMI adapter....

Mouse pads, Peripherals, Reviews

Roccat Kanga mousepad review

Alongside the Khan Pro headset and Kone Aimo mouse, we received a Kanga mousepad with our recent Roccat...

Keyboards, Peripherals, Reviews

Drevo 104-Key yellow & grey PBT keycaps review

Today we’re looking at some keycaps made by Drevo, the makers of many rather good mechanical keyboards....

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Keyboards, Peripherals, Reviews

DREVO Tyrfing V2 review

The Tyrfing V2 is a pretty complete package: a range of mechanical switches, RGB backlighting, a compact...

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Mice, Peripherals, Reviews

Roccat Kone Aimo RGBA review

Today we’re looking at Roccat’s latest and greatest mouse, the Kone AIMO RGBA. This mouse...