Sharkoon SATA QuickPort Duo

While storage space has stayed well ahead of software in terms of increasing capacities, because of duplicated and backed up data, most people now have a plethora of different storage solutions to hold their ever important information. There's pen drives, optical media, portable hard drives and more. However, the cheapest option of them all tends to be a run of the mill hard drive, with a docking point of some sort. This can also be a great way to utilise an older, smaller drive that you no longer have use for. With that in mind, lets commence today's review of the Sharkoon SATA QuickPort Duo.

Veho Mimi Qube

With media becoming far more portable and universally accessible than ever before, the tide of products that help us enjoy our music and video on the move and within our own homes seems unlikely to abate anytime soon. With this in mind, lets continue the trend with today's review, the Veho MiMi Qube, a miniature wireless speaker that plays whatever your PC happens to be playing thanks to a small dongle USB device. The question is though, does it sound good? Lets check it out.

Teufel Concept E 300

Surround sound and the home cinematic experience is a market that has been on the rise with users looking for crystal clear sound to give the full-fat experience whether it is with movies, games or music. The German speaker specialist, Teufel, may not be that well known in the UK, but in other European countries it appears to be building up a strong reputation for its high quality speaker sets. The home cinema now features a number of different ranges from the Motiv and Columa series up to the more expensive LT sets. Whilst in terms of sound quality and performance, these sets have been impressing users alike, with many of the systems stretching past the £1000, they can’t be considered particularly affordable.With this in mind, Teufel created the Concept PC/multimedia speakers of which we will be taking a look at the E300 version offering a 300W sub, 5.1 surround and a price tag within budget of a larger proportion of enthusiasts. Let’s get stuck in.

XSPC High Flex Tubing

Customization, style and aesthetics play a huge part in modern computer design with each user attempting to outdo one another with an array of glitzy components and other features. Some of these features such as cathodes and LEDs achieve an instant impact but there are more subtle ways to jazz up the innards of your PC case.For water cooling enthusiasts, coloured tubing is often a sought-after accessory with an array of different colours and styles. Today, we’ll take a quick look at some high flex tubing from XSPC to see if it can bring some “bling” to our rig!

Dog Webcam 5MP

The webcam has revolutionised communications with users now able to not only speak to one another over the internet but now also see them; and most importantly, cheaply. With IM services, such as Skype and MSN, all offering video calls, the demand for webcams is still pretty high and manufacturers are always coming up with new ways to sell their products; whether it is animated functions or the stand-out design.Today, we take a look at a very “unique” type of webcam that is styled around a dog. Incorporating a 5 megapixel camera, microphone and a small fan it has its fair share of features so let’s see what it can do…

Sitecom USB Hub

A growing amount of USB peripherals and devices are being produced and for a large amount of PC enclosures, there are a limited amount of USB ports on the front panel. To make it easier to plug in different devices such as printers, headsets and hard drive enclosures, enthusiasts are turning towards USB hubs. One such company that has a whole host of USB related products is Sitecom. Today’s review is focused on the CN-051 USB Hub which boasts 7 ports and transfer speeds of up to 480mbps. Let’s take a closer look.

Tuniq TX3

The thermal paste market is very vast with many different companies having their own brand or brands; plural. Despite not making as much temperature difference as upgrading a cooler, thermal grease is an integral part of any computer system in supporting the main cooling for your CPU and GPU. A good paste will not only give great temperature readings but will also be easy to spread and clean off as well as being cost effective. The latest contender to enter the fray is the Tuniq TX-3 which follows on from their similarly named TX-2; let’s see what is can do.

Speedblack Gaming Platform

With the wide range of games on different consoles, they give rise to some interesting accessories and peripherals. We've seen mech controllers that are 4ft long on the original Xbox, Wii motes, Light guns, dance mats and a whole host of others. Sometimes though, these accessories have their own accessories; like the Speedblack. This gaming platform is designed to give you a sturdy surface to race on, with your steering wheel and pedals. Is it worth it? Let's find out.

Proporta Universal Emergency Charger Travel Kit

While normally at XSR we deal with PC hardware only, we occasionally get an interesting gadget of sorts to check out. Recently I was contacted by a company called Proporta to review some of their products; being the greedy git I am, accepted. Today I'll be checking out their Emergency Universal Charger. A handy little gadget that fits in your pocket while carrying a large charge. Let's see if we can figure out how to test this.

Scythe Kama Bay

Today going under scrutiny at XSReviews is one of the less sought-after products in the enthusiast hardware industry, something expected to come with your case – a card reader. However, this is not simply a bog standard card reader but in fact a multi-function controller and media card reader, or so the manufacturer describes it as. Let’s see whether this product is all it’s cracked up to be. Time to introduce the product in question; I give you the Scythe Kama Panel.