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E-Win Europe Champion Series CPH Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair review

The E-Win Europe Champion Series CPH. It sounds like a prestigious esports event — maybe in in Copenhagen? — but it’s...

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Other products, Reviews

Guisee Shiatsu massager review

And now, for something completely different. It’s not a monitor, mouse or keyboard, it’s… a...

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Aukey USB-C to ethernet adapter review

Today we’re looking at a £13 USB-C to Ethernet network adapter from Aukey. It’s designed to give...

Aukey alarm clock radio & Bluetooth speaker review

When I was a kid, there was nothing I wanted more than an alarm clock radio. I eventually got one years...

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Speedlink Fieris illuminated gaming mouse pad review

What happens when you combine a mouse pad with an LED strip? If you’re Speedlink, you get the Fieris...

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Lamptron FlexLight review: Multi Simple and Multi Programmable

Today we’re looking at some of Lamptron’s FlexLights. We have two different varieties of the...

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Lamptron CM512 fan controller review

While many cases these days come with their own built-in fan controllers, it’s also possible to get...

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Speedlink Regger gaming chair review

If you want to dominate in playing online video games, there are a couple of essential components: a fast...

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EgoIggo S95X Smart TV Box review

Today we’re looking at the EgoIggo, a Smart TV box that runs Android 6.0. The box is relatively...

Aukey EF-D01 USB Desk Fan review

This 7-inch desk fan from Aukey promises to be a good value option, providing good airflow without...